Painful Joints

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Natural Remedies for Painful Joints
Most Chronic (long term) health disorders have an autoimmune component and this may be the case with persistent painful joints - so we recommend that you read the protocol outlined in the article Factors Involved In Auto-Immune Disorders And Effective, Natural Treatment Protocols.  The remedies suggested are nutritionally balanced solutions that tend to raise overall health. (So it does not matter whether you have an auto-immune disorder or not).  They contain enzymes and many other naturally occurring phyto-nutrients shown to help reverse and prevent disease generally by optimizing the immune and hormonal systems.
There are two specific natural remedies for painful joints that will provide support
Capra Mineral Whey is 100% natural, mineral-rich, goatís milk whey powder. Goatís milk is the most widely consumed milk in the world. Goatís milk is most like human milk in composition. Mt. Capra goats are not fed any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or growth hormones.
Capra Mineral Whey is minimally processed to insure itís original composition. It contains more than 20 naturally occurring minerals in a highly complex whole food form which our bodies recognize and utilize with ease, a highly concentrated, alkaline, mineral food. Just 1 ounce of this goat whey powder has the nutritional equivalent of 25 ounces of fresh goats milk.  "One of the best natural mineral supplements I know is Capra Mineral Whey." Dr. Bernard Jensen
We include Boron with our Capra Mineral Whey Powder, it is an effective treatment for 95% or more in the relief of arthritis but its range of action extends beyond that. It plays a crucial role in calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. This is important for all of us as we age, even if we do not have arthritis. Aging is partly associated with weakening of the bones as they become increasingly porous - adequate Boron can prevent this aging effect.
If there is an arthritic element involved, please see the information on Arthritis