Post Natal Depression

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Post Natal Depression
We recommend the addition of Plant Sterols and Sterolins to the diet if you are experiencing post natal depression - please click the link for more information - these can be grown at home.   
Whole dried root of Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa) helps to maintain a balance of hormones in the body for women & men, it is a natural anti-stress remedy.  Beneficial for weak nervous system, whereas the more stimulating Maca is often more suitable for the more robust. Wild Yam is a perfect example of the old saying;   
Yam has a long tradition as a natural remedy in herbal medicine  
The Trobiand islanders, who attribute much of their radiant health to its regular consumption, regard it with reverence.
However, its range of action far exceeds its traditional herbal role. Scientific research and clinical trials suggest that yam is a "super-food" - a food capable of improving the health and well-being of the majority of people and in some individuals proving tremendous in its health and elevating effects.   (Health can be defined as a feeling of physical, mental and emotional well being and an absence of disease.)
Yam, like all super-foods, has a broad potential range of action, seeming almost too good to be true, yet its sphere of action has a unique character, which differentiates it from other super-foods.  Its main area of action is hormonal.
It supplies nutrients, which rapidly enable our endocrine glands to produce a complex array of hormones.  If we are in a state of hormonal adequacy and balance, health will follow / be maintained. A feeling of well-being will also manifest itself and deterioration associated with aging will be considerably lessened.
Yam contains plant hormone precursors which help in the production and balancing of progesterone and oestrogen.  The evidence available suggests that these can sometimes help to prevent and to resolve breast cysts, and may be used as a nutritional support for breast cancer and fibroids.  It is also useful for endometrical cancer, fluid retention, weight gain, depression and low thyroid function.
The essence of the action of yam appears to be in facilitating the production of a substance, which has the shortened name DHEA, 'the mother of hormones'.  DHEA levels drop considerably as we age, and research indicates that this is one other dominant factors associated with the development of degenerative disorders and many general enervations of health.
DHEA is also referred to as 'the anti-aging hormone': its widespread effects are due to its role of 'mothering' the production of over 50 other hormones.  Researchers now believe that adequate DHEA production may help modulate the following:  fatigue, depression, stress, memory problems, obesity, tumour growth, viral and bacterial infections, high blood pressure, collagen and skin integrity problems, osteoporosis, immune responses.
American doctors are finding DHEA useful in treating chronic fatigue syndrome, sexual function problems, menopausal problems and premenstrual syndrome.
Further evidence suggests that yam consumption can normalise the production of the adrenal cortex hormones.   The anti-stress and ant-inflammatory hormones (natural steroidal hormones) help prevent inflammation and maintain joint and general structural integrity.  This would explain the anti-arthritic {especially relating to rheumatoid arthritis) and anti-rheumatic effects observed traditionally.  The tendency to strains, sprains and back problems (so-called slipped disc) are in part due to poor adrenal gland function.  Also the tendency to pain in the body is modulate by adrenal hormones.   We cannot feel or become strong without adequate adrenal hormones. Aldosterone is an important adrenal hormone that helps the body to maintain the balance of mineral salts to water - a most important aspect of optimum well-being.
DHEA has been found essential in converting fat to energy or muscle as required. This would explain the slimness of the Trobiand islanders, with their regular consumption of yam.   This discovery alone is creating excitement among a large group of the population!  Research by Dr. A. Schwartz, working at Temple University, has proved the ability of DHEA to be an effective aid to weight loss. He found that an enzyme GCPD promotes both cancer and fat production (depending on the individual's make-up). DHEA naturally blocks this enzyme. Further studies at Temple University showed DHEA prevented breast cancer in mice, which were otherwise prone to develop it.  Other studies have shown the preventative effects of DHEA on lung and bowels tumours, plus life-span extension.
Studies at the medical college of Virginia, USA, have shown a definite link between hardening and congestion of the arteries and low DHEA levels, and a preventative role for DHEA in Alzheimers disease.
Clinical trials by Dr. Lee have shown that the hormonal imbalance of oestrogen dominance is corrected by the natural progesterone precursors contained in yam.   This would explain the effectiveness of the use of yam in helping prevent and reverse osteoporosis and ease menopausal complaints, yam is therefore gaining a reputation as a safe, natural alternative to HRT.
The way we feel, our emotions and our general mental state is profoundly modulated by hormone levels, which can have a significant effect on the 'feel good factor', with personality tending nearer to optimum functioning. So yam has a harmonising, even spiritualising influence, which is so needed.  These days good nutrition has an established role to play both individually and in maintaining a positive society.
The Chinese regard the best herbs as those, which are completely non-toxic and balanced, which can be taken indefinitely. Mexican Yam falls within this category. It is a herb/food, as much for men as for women, helping to maintain well being and optimum functioning from maturity through to a graceful old age.
Anti-Stress Effects of Yam by Ophina Andrews
I have personally experienced the stress relieving effects of yam, and seen it work quickly, in a matter of hours on two friends. Here is one account of how it worked: I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the stress involved during the first year of my daughter's life, my hormones, (although I did not realise it at the time) were all over the place; as were my emotions. I remember taking yam for the first time was like a light being switched on for me, I recall walking round to the shops feeling blue and sad as I had been, but by the time I was returning home I felt it all lift slightly and a smile crept across my face until I was beaming. I have taken yam for four years now and it still continues to assist me, to help me stay in control of my life. I have given it to other women I have encountered that were experiencing the same thing and without exception each one had positive results with it. It's a must for post-partum women.
Progesterone and Health for Women
The two most essential nutrients in yam are precursors of DHEA and natural progesterone. Relative progesterone deficiency (oestrogen dominance) has been linked to many health disorders, especially in the female.
As Yam is used traditionally in herbal medicine as a contraceptive, we take the view that it should not be used during the early stages of pregnancy