Computer Stress

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Computer Stress


We recommend life force generators if you spend a large amount of time around computers whether in work or at home

Whatever name you use - it is the fundamental energy that underpins all life.


Life Force Generators radiate pure healthy life energy


Life Force Generators contain double terminated quartz crystals imbedded in an organic (hydrocarbon matrix) substance that also contains metal spirals. This arrangement powerfully generates beneficial orgone or chi and the field can radiate out several hundred yards.


A Life Force Generator, placed anywhere in a building will raise and improve the energy within it, and hence the occupants.  Plants have been shown to grow more vigorously when under the influence of Life Force Generators. The shape of the generator also effects it’s power, as orgone is affected and concentrated by geometric shapes. The ‘7 sided power Pyramid’ has proven to be most successful in raising the beneficial energy.  


Modern research has demonstrated that there are many forms of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic energy operating in all living systems. These energies are related to orgone, chi or prana, but not identical to.

The luminescence that can be seen by sensitive types (and revealed by certain equipment, such as Kirlian Photography) is known as the aura and is due to the radiation of orgone, chi or prana.


In many cultures it has long been accepted that this energy is omnipresent and surrounds and permeates every life form as a fine substance energy field.   It is also accepted that this energy is always vibrating and enters the human body through chakras, breathing and food. Life energy is at least as important as fluids and food for all life forms.


A deficiency or erroneous vibration of this energy, can lead to all sorts of disharmony.

Orgone energy is essential for growth. It makes us feel happy, relaxed and at ease. Fear is diminished in the presence of a strong field of orgone energy and the mind becomes sharper and clearer.


The Modern World


The orgone energy or subtle etheric energy is highly sensitive and easily disturbed be electromagnetic radiation - mobile phones, radio, TV, power lines, electrical devices, for example house wiring.


These artificial energies excite orgone energy driving it into a wild and frenzied state called the oranur effect. Repeated excitation, in this way, causes the orgone to ‘die’ creating what has been termed DOR (Deadly orgone radiation) - harmful to all life. DOR makes us feel moody, lethargic and dull. Tempers may flare in some, whilst others shut down and contract into their shells. Prolonged exposure can lead to degenerative diseases.


Life Force Generators attract DOR and convert it back to pure healthy orgone energy. They do this continually and these devices are passive in that they require no maintenance or electrical power.


Geopathic Stress


Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth radiations occur in quite a high proportion of the buildings we work or live in.   Indeed research has found that cancer and other serious health issues are much more common for persons who have lived in geopathically stressed houses for considerable periods.   It renders the immune system lower, and can encourage constitutional diseases to manifest.  It, like orgone energy, can also affect the mentality and moods of the persons so exposed to it.  One of the signs of a geopathically stressed house is: feeling better, and often experiencing better sleep, when sleeping at another location. Failure to get well in spite of the best remedies and health regimes is also a sign of Geopathic stress.


Geopathic stress is related to low or damaged orgone energy, but the exact relationship is not known. However extensive research has shown that the experience of using  a life force generator in the house, raises the ‘vitality’ of the house and that of the persons resident.


Our world is filling up with electromagnetic radiation, which is harmful to human life, and orgone generators have an affinity for this disturbance, they attract it, neutralise it, and release beneficial orgone or chi in its place.   To what extent Life Force Generators eliminate electromagnetic disturbance in the body of the occupants is open to debate. It sometimes takes a week or so to adapt to the new energy engendered by placing a Life force generator in your house.      For sensitive types the adaptation period can include lighter shorter sleep, although conversely a greater proportion of persons report better sleep with a Life Force Generator from day one.


Life Force Generators Available




Height 7.5cm (3”) width 9cm (31/2”) £31. Sufficient energisation power to treat even the largest house, but its cone shape and small size provide a more gentle and slightly yin energy. If you try this, and want to upgrade to the seven sided power pyramid, simply return, well padded and we will deduct this from your new order. Possibly the most economical option available for raising the energy of your house available anywhere.


Seven sided power pyramid


Height 16.8cm (6” 1/2) width 11cm (4” 1/3) £83. This generates a powerful energy that has been found to extend out as far as a quarter of a mile. Paradoxically it has been found suitable for sensitives whilst raising the energy of the whole house. If the Geopathic and or electromagnetic effects in your house or place of work are severe then this is the recommended option.


Seven Sided Power Pyramid With Extra Healing Stones

16.8cm x 11cm (£99) with the addition of more healing and grounding energy suitable for sensitive types. This contains 5 double terminated quartz crystals embedded within the life force generating matrix. In addition there is also the crystals Amethyst (purple healing energy) Hematite, Pyrite and red garnets which synergistically combine to produce a more smooth grounded feel to the energy. This version of power pyramid can be placed on the major chakra points of the body for periods not exceeding 15 mins at each chakra. This can help clear energy blocks in the chakras.

Life Force Generator Pendant

Envelop yourself in a shield of healthy Life Force Energy and protect yourself from the onslaught of mobile phone radiation. Contains a tiny natural double terminated quartz crystal, along with hematite, amethyst, pyrite and red garnets. These extra crystals give the stimulating Life Force Energy a more smooth grounded feel, which is ideal for wearing on the body. Coloured English Crop Circle images create balance through their wholistic harmonic geometery.

We suggest that you follow your own intuition but it is not always necessary or advisable to wear them all the time. During electromagnetic exposure, it is particularly important to protect yourself especially when using a mobile phone, working with pc's, travelling by plane, car, tube and car, in shops with multiple neon lights etc.

Generally we advise to wear for several hours a day, but not at night unless one can personally ascertain that one feels better for night use. This will depend on the local conditions of geopathic stress, electromagnetic stress and the individual constitution.

We have tested many energy devices to be worn over many years and rejected them all due to wrong/excess energy being developed, so whilst we cannot say that everyone should wear these devices 24 hours a day we do have confidence that they are safe and effective in protecting one from the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and to a greater or lesser extent geopathic stress.



Disclaimer: This information is given for education or entertainment value. No medical claims of any sort are made or inferred concerning the use of these devices. No scientific evaluation of these devices has been made. These devices are available for personal research and investigation. Individual results may vary.