Cirrhosis of the liver

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Natural Remedies for Cirrhosis of the liver
It is said that Milk Thistle  is the best liver protector of the herbal kingdom,  Milk Thistle contains Silymarin compounds - these are strong antioxidants, and have been shown to reduce damage to liver cells caused by cirrhosis, alcohol damage, prescription drugs and  hepatitis.  We also recommend Zell Oxygen as a natural remedy in cases of Cirrhosis of the liver.  
Burt Berkson, MD, Ph.D. believes Alpha Lipoic Acid to be an excellent therapeutic agent for many types of liver disorders.  In his latest book he describes how administering intravenous ALA saved the lives of four patients who had severe liver damage.  Four weeks after the intravenous ALA therapy, the four patient’s liver function tests were "normal”.  Additional studies indicate Alpha Lipoic Acid may have a beneficial effect on patients with acute and chronic alcohol toxicity.  ALA is also an effective detoxifying agent for mercury, arsenic, copper, excess iron, cadmium, excess calcium (a primary cause of premature aging), and lead.
Cirrhosis is a condition in which scar-like tissue replaces normal tissue in the liver. This interferes with the efficiency of the liver the liver's function. Cirrhosis is chronic injury of the liver.   Cirrhosis develops gradually and usually no symptoms appear until the disease has entered the late stages, symptoms can include:
The most common cause of cirrhosis is alcoholism. Cirrhosis can also be caused by the ingestion of drugs and toxins, infections, inherited medical conditions, and cardiovascular diseases. About 10 percent of cases have no known cause.
There may be a degree of auto-immune disorder so we recommend that you read the article Factors Involved In Auto-Immune Disorders And Effective, Natural Treatment Protocols. The remedies recommended in the article overlap with those discussed in the core regime so you can select remedies to suit your individual requirements. 
We particularly recommend the addition of Plant Sterols and Sterolins to the diet.