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Natural Remedies for Gastroenteritis
Olive Leaf Capsules - one capsule every 3 hours during acute phase, to eliminate infection.
Digestive Disorders Tincture may be useful to help relieve inflammation in the digestive tract.
Gastroenteritis is the irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract. This condition may cause abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Severe cases of gastroenteritis can result in dehydration, in such cases, fluid replacement is the primary factor in treatment. All ages and both sexes may be affected yet the most severe symptoms are experienced by infants and those individuals over sixty years old. The use of certain drugs such as aspirin, antibiotics or cortisone drugs may increase risk for this condition.
Food poisoning, stress, excessive alcohol or tobacco use, viral infections, food allergies, improper diet, certain drugs, food consumed in foreign countries and intestinal parasites are all possible causes for this condition.   The Norwalk Virus is another possible cause of infectious gastroenteritis. This may be transmitted through contaminated water or food and is often contracted from shellfish bred in contaminated water. Infectious gastroenteritis is also contracted by eating other foods which have been stored improperly or prepared in an unclean environment.
Gastroenteritis caused by viral infection or bacteria is easily passed from one person to another. Care should always be taken to wash the hands often, especially when preparing food and after bowel movements. Hand washing after bowel movements is important since the organism that causes this condition lives in the digestive tract.
The symptoms of gastroenteritis can include:

If signs of dehydration (crinkled skin, dry mouth, excess thirst or absence of urination for over six hours) appear, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. A doctor should also be consulted if the any of the following occur:


Viral gastroenteritis may last from several hours to several days and clear up without medicines, while bacterial infections can last over a week and require medication. Most cases of gastroenteritis in adults will clear up after a few days. For infants under two months of age, any symptoms of this condition should be seen as serious and a doctor should be consulted.
In most children, gastroenteritis symptoms are caused by rotavirus. The parents of a child infected with rotavirus often become ill as well. The rotavirus "season" is usually during October through April. The incubation period is about two days, followed by about three days of active vomiting, after which there are approximately 4-8 days of diarrhea. As with any ailment affecting children, a doctor should be consulted, even when symptoms are mild.