Back Problems

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The following remedies may help with the pain and inflammation associated with back pain, but of course there can be many causes for back problems.
Organic Silicon G5 was initially developed to treat arthritis and psoriasis, and as such has helped to relieve pain and inflammation for many thousands of sufferers, many users have reported relief from back pain.

Back pain "Like most people in our job, we've suffered for years from back pain, specially in winter after a day at sea heaving the boxes around, when it would get so bad that in the evening we could hardly move. One evening when we were coming back from the boats, Looc Le Ribault told us about his product and offered to show us how effective it was. Neither one of us really believed him, but we accepted. After 20 minutes of treatment with the gel, our pains had gone, but we thought they'd soon be back again. But the next day they hadn't come back, nor the day after. Since then we've done the course of treatment with taking the liquid for a month. For the last two months we've been feeling fine, even after a heavy day's work." L.U. and B.E., deep-sea fishermen. Note: the Organic Silicon liquid can also be applied directly to the back problem area as well as taken internally, the use of the gel is not essential.


Back pain, cut "When Le Ribault told me about Organic Silicon, of course I didn't believe it, but I decided to try it anyway because my back was very painful, and for 4 years I'd had to take pain-killers every morning. He advised me to take one tablespoon of the liquid a day. Two days later, I was sleeping much better, I felt much more energy, and best of all my back pain had totally gone. After a month of treatment, I feel I'm completely cured. Of course I've stopped taking all the "classic" medicines which I was taking every day. Last week, while I was doing some odd jobs about the house, a cutter jabbed into my left knee. The wound, 3cm long, 2cm deep and 5mm wide, bled all over the place. I washed it then put over it a gauze soaked in G5. An hour later it had completely healed over." F.R., policeman




This is a potent anti-inflammatory with only beneficial side effects, such as clearing out old debri from the blood vessels, and can be used to aid the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation.


See also our dietary guide, this contains information about the power of certain foods to promote or reduce inflammation


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Repair Tonic  To help repair cartilage, discs.

Boron A valuable trace element that can normalise bone density etc.

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