Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder is a common today, a large group of symptoms are indicated but many factors can lead to ADD and the diagnosis is often extremely subjective.  

A variety of studies have shown that diet, nutrition and lifestyle play an extremely important role, all chemicals and processed foods should be eliminated from the diet.  We recommend the

Core Regime for all health conditions and in cases of Attention Deficit Disorder, it is a natural way to raise overall physical and mental health and introduces broad spectrum, nutritional support.  

Zell Oxygen will aid immune response and general healing, also consider Ionic Liquid Minerals both of which are contained in the Core Regime.

Studies have shown fish oils to be of tremendous help with both brain development and function so introducing these to the diet is also highly recommended, alternatively, you can add Hemp Oil to the diet which provides the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6.

If electromagnetic stress, and or geopathic stress are an issue you may benefit from using a Life Force Generator