Aches (Rheumatic)

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Rheumatic Aches & Pains

What are Rheumatic Aches & Pains?

Rheumatism & rheumatic disorders are types chronic health conditions causing the patient to often feel pain, affecting joints or connective tissues. Rheumatic pains may be localized to one area of the body or affect multiple sites. Symptoms are often felt in peripheral joints but can also affect the spine. Rheumatic disorders can occur when ones immune system starts to attack tissue causing inflammation and swelling or through "wear and tear” over time.


- Pain in joints or connective tissues during motion
- Sore to the touch
- Stiffness in joints (Especially after immobility)
- Swelling
- Redness
- Warmth
- More/less painful in certain climates

Please note not all rheumatic disorders will have every symptom present.


Rheumatism can be difficult to diagnose at early stages. There is no one test to be certain if you have any form of rheumatism but during an examination the doctor will check joints for inflammation, redness, warmth and stiffness. The doctor may also order a x-ray or MRI to fully understand the severity of the condition.

Natural Treatment

For the natural treatment of rheumatic aches & pains we would suggest a mixture of supplements and lifestyle changes to give one the best chances of recovery and reduction of symptoms. A great way to keep mobile and exercise without causing too much pain is swimming. Swimming allows you to strengthen muscles while relieving stiffness. The extra buoyancy in the water aids to take pressure and stress of your joints.

Ocean Repair - Collagen is the essential structural component of all connective tissues, the fibrous protein constituent of skin (75%), cartilage, bone, tooth, muscle and other connective tissue. Collagen acts as a scaffold for our bodies, controlling cell shape and differentiation. More than a third of the body's protein is made of collagen.

Revive & build - Glycine is regarded as a non-essential amino acid as it can be produced in the liver. This has led to it being largely overlooked as a valuable nutritional supplement. In reality the liver's ability to produce optimum amounts of glycine is often limited. This can be due to the liver operating below par, a very common state for those in less than optimum health. so restricting glycine production. The other main reason for low glycine status is consuming concentrated proteins such as eggs and meat. Methionine, the amino acid found in protein foods, needs glycine to detoxify it's end products. Glycine is found in the skin and collagenous rich parts of animals and bone. It is almost totally absent in muscle meats. Researchers have found 10 g daily of glycine is tremendously effective in stopping inflammation.

Why this particular combination?

One of the main healing nutrients in Ocean Repair is glycine. Glycine has many healing properties as detailed in the full article here. The ideal dose of glycine is in the region of 10g daily for most people. Since Ocean Repair is only about 30% glycine it would require 30g of Ocean Repair daily to achieve that level of glycine, so each pot would only last a few days. There are other valuable nutrients in Ocean Repair as detailed in the product info here. Hence, we recommend the combination, where Ocean Repair provides these nutrients and Revive & Build boosts the glycine to the proper daily level and further provides a good daily dose of vitamin C (1g). As well as being more effective in combination these remedies used together provide a more cost effective option than Ocean Repair alone.

You will see (if you look) that this combination is recommend as support for so many other supplements and health protocols throughout our website. There are several reasons for this. The prime one being the usefulness in tackling inflammation. For example; protein from meat is mostly derived from muscle. This being a prime source of inflammation, ageing and a host of related diseases because of the damaging effects of one of the amino acids found in muscle meats (amongst other sources such as cooked eggs). This amino acid is called methionine. Glycine at sufficient levels effectively deals with the toxic by-products of methionine to drastically reduce inflammation and related auto-immune responses. Furthermore, glycine is a major nutrient in the production of the main anti-oxidant in the body; glutathione. Ocean Repair works in tandem with glycine to support collagen repair and production. This is not just important in combating the effects of ageing and arthritis, it is also important in maintaining the lining of the gut. This provides major protection against the inflammatory bowel diseases. Furthermore, with regards to cancer; metastasis only occurs when collagen is weak. There are specific cancer protocols that work by boosting anti-oxidants and strengthening collagen with the amino acids found in this combination. Another example would be proline.

It is becoming widely recognized that most chronic diseases have a degree of inflammation and auto-immune responses at their core. So by protecting against collagen destruction many can be reversed.

Even using these 2 supplements alone can have dramatic and cost effective healing effects on the body. Adding a Selenium supplement such as detailed here further promotes the formation of the bodies main anti-oxidant; Glutathione

Additional Support

The Core Regime is a proven nutritional program that improves health naturally. By addressing overall health in a holistic manner, many health conditions are alleviated and even resolved completely.

For some people, there may be a degree of auto-immune disorder so please also read the autoimmune article here. The remedies recommended in the article overlap with those discussed in the core regime so you can select remedies to suit your individual requirements.

There are some wonderful natural remedies for Rheumatic Aches that can speed the healing process; please see the column to the right.