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CaProtein (From Mount Capra Goats)

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High quality raw goat's milk protein supplement, not heat treated, so rich in enzymes
Cutting edge research is continuing to show that whole protein supplements containing both casein protein and whey protein are superior for net protein gain than those containing merely whey protein isolate.
Research finds "Whole Protein" to be better than "Whey Isolate" 
Net Protein Gain, the protein that is added to bodily tissue after the digestion of protein containing foods, is the most important aspect of protein supplementation. There are 2 factors that determine net protein gain.
1. Protein Synthesis:  Stimulating the production of new proteins. If a protein can promote "protein synthesis" muscle mass will either be maintained or increased.
2. Proteolysis: Breakdown of previously constructed proteins in the body. If a protein can inhibit "proteolysis" current muscle mass will be protected from breakdown.
Net protein gain is higher with a whole protein than with a Whey protein isolate. 

This is the only whole protein supplement made from fresh, raw goat's milk. It contains ample levels of both casein and whey protein

Whole Protein from Goat Milk
Fermented Whole Goat Milk
Vanilla Flavor
Maintenance use: 1 tbsp (approx 10g) in a cup of water, juice, etc., twice a day.
Intensive use:2 tbsp (approx 20g) 3 times daily
Blend or shake vigorously. Try adding Caprotein to your smoothies, yogurt, hot cereals, etc
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CaProtein (From Mount Capra Goats)

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